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In this scenario, you’ll be part of a team including:
Vera, a long-time adult education English as a Second Language teacher...
And Sharon, a former high-school math teacher, who is new to teaching adults.
Corey, program manager, pretty new to the adult education field...
You all work together at...
The Adult Education Program at North Lakeland Community College
Focus: Preps students for GED or HiSET, provides career-pathway and enrichment courses.
Serves about 250 students per year.
Has a limited budget from the community college.
Together, you’re working on addressing some challenges the program faces related to the student experience.
The team is looking at problems highlighted by a recent data analysis.
Here’s what we see in the report:
For our 12-week in-person classes, 45% of students stop coming to classes around week six or seven.
That’s a lot of students dropping.
Academic Services has asked us to develop an approach for addressing this in the next year.
The thing is, they don’t have study skills. They get behind and then can't catch up, and they bail.
Maybe they need online tutoring to help them develop better study skills?  
Should we brainstorm some other ideas?
What do you think?
Tutoring sounds like it could help. Plus, online they could do it from home.
Yes, let’s brainstorm some more possible solutions to the problem.
Wait, do we understand why this is happening?