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Before we meet Ron and see how this Feature impacted his life, take a second to consider:
what DOES Lifelong Learning mean to you?
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Meet Ron Perry...
Ron has been working for EZ Breezy Landscaping for a few years.
Things were going fine...
...but he hadn’t moved up in the company.
And he could see that he wasn’t going to get that promotion to supervisor he wanted...
...unless he did something to make it happen.
How can I demonstrate my potential?
What new skills do I need?
this connects to
practice 1a
Lifelong Learners set and achieve individualized learning goals related to work and life.
Ron decided to pay more attention to how their clients' plants were doing.
These hostas can’t take the amount of sun they’ll get where you’ve planted them - they need partial sun at most.
I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that.
I’m sorry. We’ll move them to a shadier spot, and I’ll review with the team how much sun all of the other plantings need.