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The SkillRise Profile of a Lifelong Learner is a framework that defines the digital and lifelong learning skills that adult learners need to be successful in the workforce of today and tomorrow.
The Profile consists of five Features:
Lifelong Learners access, analyze, and apply digital resources in order to build knowledge, advance their careers, and experience the best life possible.
Digital Citizens are inclusive, equitable, and culturally aware as they live, learn, and work in an interconnected world.
Mindful Colleagues employ situational awareness and a collaborative team approach to effectively communicate, learn from, and work with diverse colleagues in digital and face-to-face environments.
Solution Seekers use technology to explore independent perspectives, amplify creative thinking, and develop smart solutions to practical problems in work and life.
Empowered Workers persevere through challenges, shape career paths in alignment with personal interests and goals, and upskill to be successful in a digital-age workforce.