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Before we learn how this Feature impacted Lucia and her co-workers’ lives, take a second to consider:
what does being a Mindful Colleague mean to you?
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Meet Lucia Popescu...
Lucia just started a new job as a patient care assistant at a nursing home.
She had been a home health aide, and wants to work toward eventually becoming an RN.
During her first month on the job, Lucia notices that her shiftmate Matt, a meal attendant, seems very shy, even a little cold around her.
Hi, Matt, how are you doing today?
Ok, whatever, later.
this connects to
practice 5a
Mindful Colleagues demonstrate awareness of their environment, audience, and interpersonal dynamics in order to succeed in work.
When this kept up, Lucia decided to try to talk to Matt, to get to know him...
OK if I eat with you?
Uh, sure.
So, how long have you been working here?
Five years! And still serving meals, whether I like it or not.
What do you want to be doing?
What’s wrong with serving meals?