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Before we meet Scott and learn how this Feature impacted his life, take a second to consider:
what does being a Solution Seeker mean to you?
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Meet Scott Williams...
Scott works as an administrative assistant at a local branch of a nationwide school supply company.
He’s in the sales department, supporting five account managers.
His team is super busy, and Scott does a lot of juggling tedious little stuff.
THIS means he often doesn’t get to the really important things he wants to do to support his team.

For example...
Each month, Scott has to organize expense reports for all the account managers.
Each of them gives him a pile of receipts to sift through, scan, enter into a spreadsheet, then get to accounts payable.
Scott, can you….
Lena, no, I’m sorry. I don’t have time for ANYTHING until the expense reports are done.
There has to be a better way!
I wonder if there’s software that would help us with this...
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Practice 4a
Solution Seekers are curious, flexible thinkers, and open to new ideas and experiences.
Scan to FASTBooks
This one only works with Fastbooks, and that’s not what we use.
Q-SCAN program
Let’s try Q-Scan PC scanner program.
But Q-Scan didn’t really help. It was a pain to use the flatbed scanner, and he still had to tag everything.
Scott wondered - who would have solved this problem already?
My friend Elaine’s company has a much bigger sales department. They might have figured it out.
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practice 4b
Solution Seekers persevere through open-ended challenges and work within design and resource constraints to help discover new solutions.
Scott asked Elaine.
Oh, yeah, you’ve got to check out the ReceiptGenius phone app. You just take pictures of receipts with your phone, and it automatically pulls out the important details and organizes them.
Some of my team has even started taking pictures of their receipts themselves, rather than holding onto paper copies.
The app worked great.  And while Scott still has to file expense reports, he solved the most tedious part of the problem, giving him back some of the time he needs to contribute to the bigger picture.
Yeah, I had time to get ahead on that yesterday, so I’ll have the figures you need for that proposal ready in an hour.
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Solution Seekers leverage digital tools to break down systems, processes, and problems into component parts to develop critical understandings, new perspectives, and equitable solutions.
practice 4c
Before we go on…
How important do you think Solution Seeker skills are to being successful in life and work?